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My name is Ethan Kerk and I’m the owner of Angel Wing Outfitters, LLC. Chasing ducks and geese at a very young age grew my passion for the outdoors in a lot of ways, enough to make waterfowl hunting my life. The memories that I have experienced with family and friends in the outdoors are something that I really can’t help but want to share with others, whether that’s a seasoned waterfowler or someone new to the game. I have been hunting the North Platte River Valley for 15 years and have been guiding somewhere around 10 years. There’s nothing better than watching those late season Nebraska mallards and Canada geese come to play. When you have them fooled, ready to land in the spread, there’s something about it. We want that success every day. You can’t help but want to see, hear, FEEL that every morning, with the smell of gunpowder and the sound of laughter. It’s what makes Angel Wing Outfitters what it is today.


Austin started hunting waterfowl at the age of 7, here in the panhandle of Nebraska. He both guides and photographs for us at Angel Wing Outfitters. An experienced caller and focused hunter, you can find Austin chasing Canada geese in the fields or greenheads on the North Platte during the season here at AWO. In the off-season you will find Austin farming full time.


Hi, I am Austin Reynolds, born and bred in western Nebraska, I lost my heart to waterfowling and have been hunting for eighteen (18) years.  My passion for hunting waterfowl started at a young age, thanks to my Dad and Grandfather.   I have a great love for hunting dogs and this manifested itself into the hunt test and field trial games.    My dogs have excelled in the duck blind.


Ducks Unlimited chose me and my dog, Tess, to be filmed for a thirty minute a TV show.  The hunt was on.  I was able to run my dog (who I trained) and shoot ducks with guides that I watch on TV.  I knew immediately that I wanted to guide, allowing me to share my passion for the great outdoors and waterfowl.


There is no greater enjoyment, for me, than the challenge of finding the best spots for clients through extensive scouting and the thrill of the hunt.  My life is fulfilled when I have my hunting dog by my side, lying is a field of decoys with the sounds of wings all around.  My goal is to provide my clients with a hunting experience where they will say “We will be back next season”.  Years of hunting, studying decoy spreads,  perfecting “calling” in addition to training my labs allows me to lead other hunters through unfamiliar locations for a successful hunt.